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Supplementary Services

We are W.S.I.B Committed. Paperwork on request. We have limited staff, so we only take on the jobs that we are able to legally provide proper service. And the following services are below.

Our staff will be able to pickup your furnishings and move you into and out of your apartment with in the day. The costs of these services will be very competitive with what you will find on the out side. We will store your things if you are going home for the summer or changing places that you can not enter for some time.

For students flying in to go to Brock, we are able to pickup and take you back to the airport. We are also able to pickup your parents and bring them to the guest house if they are visiting. Please try to use us as we can add these things to your rent in some cases.

For the builders: if you can not finish a house on time for some reason, we are able to house your clients in our guest house.

For the renovator: while re-doing your apartments and your tenant has to vacate for a short time we can look after you.

We have been doing things like this for years but now we have time to do them for you as well. Please give us a try we are good at these things.

Property Management

Over the years I have had many properties either owned, leased or cared for. Let me list some of the things that we are capable of.

Complete property management:

• Rent, pickup, signing leases.
• Renting out places.
• Clean out apartments, removing rugs, redoing floors.
• Hang curtains.
• Painting.
• Minor repairs.
• Grass cutting.
• Sealing drive ways.
• Cleaning gutters.
• Fixing leaky roofs.
• Retaining walls.
• Dealing with property standards issues.

As you can see from above list we have done it all and we know the ways to go about getting things done.

I would like to get together with you and see if there is anything our company can help you with. We can either take on all of your tasks or simply cut the grass. You decide. We can set up a type of program that will be of use to your property.


The properties that I own in the down town area were at one time commercial buildings. We purchased these buildings and have converted them in to residential buildings.

1. The Registry Building (44 Ontario Street now the Castle)

Converted to 4 apartments

2 - 2 bedroom

1 - 3 bedroom

1 - 4 bedroom

We completely demolished the inside and built these four apartments with bathroom, kitchens, living rooms, bedrooms in a 2 month window.

2. 76 St. Paul Street

This building (when we bought it) was a 3 unit residential building with a commercial component on street level. Our task at this building was to change the zoning so we could convert the store front into a 3 bedroom apartment. This job required a lot of work and we completed it in a period of two months. This building is now a four unit apartment building.

3. The Verge Insurance Building 66 St. Paul Street

We purchased this building and took over july 1 / by this september, we changed this large commercial building into 5 very unique apartments.

1 - 4 bedroom

2 - 3 bedroom

1 - 2 bedroom

1 - 1 bedroom

We still have a small commercial unit left in this building which is currently used as our office "Niagara Property Solutions". As you can tell by the above dates of our project, we completed the conversions in 8 weeks. The students, moved in September when we were still finishing the painting, the fire inspection and had to wait outside.

I have relayed the above stories to you so you can be the judge, we are capable of getting things done on time. Lets talk if your plans are major, I may be able to help in your decisions.